Ms Hickey’s 2nd Class trip to Tymon Park

On Wednesday 2nd class had a surprise trip to the enchanted forest in Tymon Park! We got to colour in pictures of fairies and we also went on a fairy hunt counting fairy doors and learning about each fairy in the park.Afterwards we got to meet two big fairies, Clodagh and Darren who told us lots about fairyland! We had a great day! The fairies helped us out by keeping the rain away just until we got back on the bus!;)

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First Class met an author!!!

First class visited Castletymon Library last Wednesday to meet Fiona Tierney, an Irish children’s author.
When we were all sitting down, Fiona asked the children if they had ever written a story and if so, how they got their ideas. There were lots of great answers- a few children said they used their imagination, others looked at you tube and some got ideas from reading other stories. Ben asked Fiona how she got her ideas.
Fiona told the boys and girls that one windy day when she was looking out her window, a pair of underpants blew into her garden. This is how she got her idea for her book called ” Look what blew into the zoo”!
Fiona read the story to the children. In the story, we meet two children who live next door to a zoo. One windy day, there was such a big gust of wind that the clothes line in their garden blew away and into the zoo! The clothes landed on the different animals! We were then introduced to an ele-pant, a sockodile, chimpanjeans, a sheetah, a dungaroo, a shirtle, a towl and a polar neck!!!! We all loved the story!!!!
Two of the children in our class were lucky enough to try on the enormous underpants that had blown on to the elephant- and both of them could fit into them at the same time!
Fiona read us another story after that called “Lions lunch”.
Then Fiona showed us how to make our own book.
When we were leaving, Fiona gave Ms Considine a word search and a special biscuit recipe for all the children. When we got back to school, everyone became an illustrator and designed new ele- pants!!!!
We had such a fun and interesting day!!!