Sixth Class Singing

Rang 6 have been focussing on some Irish folk music this term, and after learning “The City of Chicago/Cathair Mhór Chicago” and “The Fields of Athenry,” here’s our latest effort. “As I Leave Behind Neidín” is a song written by Jimmy McCarthy and made famous by Mary Black. It is often associated with emigration. Neidín is the Irish name for Kenmare, Co Kerry. Enjoy!

Click here to listen!

Biodiversity project: 5th class

As part of our biodiversity flag we are learning about sharks and how important they are to maintaining the biodiversity of our oceans. Sharks have been feared for so long that they have been hunted in huge numbers and quite ruthlessly and unnecessarily so. Did you know that sharks kill only 10 people a year throughout the world but humans are responsible for killing 100 million sharks a year. For more information check out






Secon Hand Book Sale

We held a Second Hand Book Sale in the school last Thursday 15th January. It was a very successful day. We raised €120!!

This money will be used to purchase new books for the school library, especially for the senior classes. Thanks to all for your donations of wonderful books and for the help on the day! M Gallagher

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Caretaker retiring

File:Bob the builder.jpg

Our caretaker, Eddie Nolan is retiring in the next few weeks. Eddie has given many dedicated years to St Dominic’s National School. Eddie has been managing the large building and grounds we have for nearly 30 years. We wish Eddie and his wife Mary good wishes in retirement and thank him for the commitment he gave to the school.

The Board of Management is inviting those interested to apply for the new caretaking position that is now available. Please see details of advertisement here

Caretaker position

Applications must be received by February 5th.

Seamus Vaughan