Senior infants had a great day today!! The boys and girls costumes were fabulous!! We had a lovely time in the hall and even had a visit from Mickey and Minnie Mouse! The children were so well behaved on our Halloween walk! We had great fun all day and ate lots of goodies!
Thanks to Ms. Gallagher and all the parents! Enjoy the week off everyone!



Sports Update


Well done to the 50 or so girls and boys who took part in Gaelic football this year. Our girls’ and boys’ teams have taken part in training sessions, competitive matches and friendlies since the start of September. All of the teachers involved are hugely proud of the improvements made and the efforts put in.

We are now officially at the end of the Gaelic football season, but boys and girls will continue to train with Thomas Davis’ coaches on Tuesdays in their class groups. We are also hoping to play in a blitz later on in the school year. We encourage all boys and girls interested in improving their Gaelic football skills to join up with our local club – details at www.thomasdavis.ie .


For our girls, we are now moving towards the camogie season. Camogie training will be taken after the Hallowe’en break by Ms Hickey and Ms Higgins on Tuesday afternoons. All girls from 4th-6th class are encouraged to get involved, regardless of their experience. Parents should contact Ms Hickey for more information.


For our boys, we are re-starting our 11-a-side soccer team. Training will be taken by Mr Looney and Ms Shanahan on Wednesday afternoons. For safety reasons, the squad will be restricted to a maximum of 16 players. A trial will take place after Hallowe’en for boys in 5th and 6th class. 4th class boys are also welcome to try out for the team but priority will go to older pupils. Girls from 6th class may also try out for the 11-a-side team. Please contact Mr Looney for any clarification.

More sports will be introduced after Christmas, including hurling (boys), 5-a-side soccer (boys and girls) and athletics (boys and girls).

6th Class Tallaween Part Two – Kilakee House

Kilakee House – Source Wikipedia – Creative Commons Licence

Part Two of our Rang 6 Tallaween project is about the very scary Kilakee House, which is located just beside the carpark for the Hellfire Club, in the hills above Tallaght. You can find more about Kilakee House at http://localstudies.wordpress.com/2013/10/23/haunted-happenings-at-killakee/

The House of Kilakee

On the Kilakee road there was a house called the Kilakee House. The house was built around 1765 by the Connolly family as a hunting lodge. It is said that many famous people stayed in this house, one of them being W.B. Yeats. The house changed ownership a few times. One of the owners was Baron Massey who was the owner of Lord Massey’s castle. In 1968 the O’Brien family bought the house and turned into an art centre. The O’Brien’s had experienced a number of mysterious happenings in the house. 

It was said that one night a carpenter working in the house saw a huge black cat standing in the hallway. When the carpenter approached it, it disappeared. Some weeks later when artist Tom Massey was doing some decorating in the house he saw a small crippled man standing in the hall. When the man turned to walk away, he turned into a black cat. After two years of sightings and ghostly happenings, the O’Brien family got the house exorcised by a priest. Since then nobody has seen the black cat of Kilakee!

By Cian W and Adam

Haunted Happenings at Kilakee House

There is an old house that was built by the Masseys which was used by the British soldiers in the early 20thcentury. Near the Hellfire Club, it was bought by the O’Brien family in 1968.

Ms O’Brien spent two nights in the house where she was terrified by strange noises and weird howling. There was damage throughout the house the next morning.   It is reported that a black cat the size of a big dog was seen in the house. The temperature got really cold. The house was exorcised in the early 1970’s. No more ghostly happenings have been reported. It is known as Kilakee House.

(The ghost if real is coming for us now :-) )

By Amy with the help of Jamie

2D Shape Fun

First class have been learning all about 2D shapes! The children used straws to make different shapes- can u spot the triangles, rectangles, squares, circles, ovals and semi circles? Some boys and girls got very creative!!!! We also made monsters using different 2D shapes!