6th Class: A History Walk in Tallaght

6th Class left school on Friday the 12th of September at 10am. We walked to Castletymon Library to meet Tomás, our guide for the History tour. We were joined by a group of adults who wanted to learn more about Tallaght’s history. We started the walk by travelling down the new road into Tymon Park.

When we arrived at Tymon Park, Tomás told us about Timmon’s Lane, an ancient road, and Tymon Castle, a Pale fortification knocked down in 1960. Tomás also told us about the Poddle, a small stream starting at Cookstown and flowing through Tymon Park. The River Poddle gave Dublin its drinking supply for many years. On Timmon’s Lane, we saw some Monterey Pines, tall coniferous trees originally from the USA.

The next place we went to was the National Basketball Arena (NBA). The NBA has a wavy roof and was opened by Albert Reynolds in 1993. Next we saw a watercourse which was built by the Normans to bring water from the Dodder into the Poddle.

While we were walking, Tomás showed us some alder and willow trees. Later on we walked over a long metal bridge and saw the Firhouse Weir, a man-made waterfall on the River Dodder. After that we went to Cherryfield and we saw a stone cross and several coniferous trees. Then we said goodbye to Tomás and walked back to school.

The history walk was very interesting and worthwhile. We learned lots about Tymon Park and we would love to go on a history walk again. The class thoroughly enjoyed the visit and would like to thank Tomás Maher, our guide, and Castletymon Library for organising the tour.

(Original draft by Josh; completed by Rang 6)

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